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11 YouTube Channels That Will Help You Get in Shape at Home

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Polow da Don

You will never find me at the gym because in the time it takes me to drive to that sweaty, group hang out spot, I have already convinced myself to stay home. The good thing is, “staying home” doesn't necessarily have to be synonymous with “skipping your workout” — as technology has made it easier than ever to get in shape from the comfort of your own bedroom. TLDR: A laptop can be made much more useful than simply for browsing Netflix. Plenty of extremely generous trainers on YouTube will show you just how to get in shape without even needing to go outside. The bonus? Most workouts don't require equipment and take up a fraction of the time it takes to even find where you parked your car. These YouTube channels are kind of like the modern version of those cheesy 80s workout VHS tapes.

Blast your favorite music, get in your comfiest work-out gear and relax because you won't have to impress anyone but yourself. By no means am I telling you to ditch that gym membership but if you're looking for a free and easy alternative, here are 11 YouTube channels that can help get you in shape at home: