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You’re Allergic to What? Strange but True Allergic Reactions.

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If you think that allergic reactions are only to common place allergens such as peanuts, pollens, and latex, think again. You can be allergic to pretty much anything. Sometimes it's easy to figure out the allergen. Other times, not so easy.

For example, check out these 10 strange but true allergic reactions…

Cell Phones – there has been increasing number of patients presenting with contact dermatitis because they are allergic to the nickel in their cell phones.

Chairs, Flutes and Other Items With Nickel – children developing rashes on the back of their legs, a result of sitting on classroom chairs with nickel-plated studs. And for one child, playing a flute containing nickel resulted in severe dermatitis of the lips.

Black Henna Tattoos – can result in severe swelling and skin blistering if you are allergic to p-phenylenediamine (PPD), a hair dye that makes henna darker. It can also cause permanent scarring, as might be the case with this 3 year old who faces lifelong Bart Simpson scar after suffering reaction to henna tattoo.

Allergic to Dad? – When a young girl developed hives after she hugged and kissed her father when he returned home from work, her doctor did some detective work and figured out that she was allergic to the nut-derived oil in her father's shaving cream.

Chocolate – Imagine being allergic to chocolate. It's rare but possible, as this case, involving a young boy already allergic to numerous foods, proved.

Exercise – yes really, it is possible to be allergic to exercise. Like chocolate allergies, it is rare but exercise-induced anaphylaxis does exist, displaying all the signs and symptoms of a peanut allergy.

Hot and Cold – for the very few, it is possible develop heat-induced or cold-induced urticaria or hives. And some are even allergic to water – aquagenic urticaria.

Hairy Caterpillars – the hairs, which contain a toxin that results in a severe allergic reaction, fly off the caterpillar much like dandelion seeds and become airborne allergens.

Asian Ladybugs – also known as multicolored Asian lady beetles, these ladybugs don't like the cold and can often be found congregating in houes and can cause allergic symptoms which including hay fever, coughing, wheezing and watery eyes.

Cancer Drug – Cetuximab, a drug used to treat colon and head and neck cancer seemed to cause allergic reactions in patients from certain parts of the U.S.

Read more about the allergic reactions and how doctors figured out the culprits in this ABC news article.

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