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Your Genes Determine A Third of Your Happiness

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angry bossExcept for a brief moment in those teen years, I've always been a relatively optimistic person. I can't say I'm always happy, but I generally believe things will turn out alright. I suppose I should thank my parents because according to a recent study, happiness is determined by:

  • Genes – one-third to one-half of a person's feelings of satisfaction may be due to their genes.
  • Major life transitions and events – accounts for one third of a person's variability in happiness
  • Daily or momentary events – the remaining one-third might be explained by annoying co-workers or children's tantrums

Today, I'd say that almost 100% of my happiness was determined by the events of the day. Maybe if I just go to bed, I'll wake up a happier person since I'll momentarily be able to forget everything and just let my genes lead the way.

Discovery Channel, February 20, 2007

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