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Disturbing Video: Freakish Boy Bodybuilder Is Back (Why Aren’t His Parents In Jail?)

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Unfortunately, the world’s youngest body builder is back, and it turns out, his parents filmed an even more disturbing video starring his terrifying six-pack. The victim’s name is Giuliano Stroe, a six-year-old resident of Florence, Italy, but at the time this video was shot, he was just four. Apparently (according to his Wikipedia page), last February, Giuliano broke the world record for air push-ups, which are just like normal push-ups, except that your feet can’t touch the ground. Which is exactly what every six-year-old should be focusing on with the drive of a professional athlete. (Who needs stupid toy fire trucks and coloring books?) Judging from this video, it’s obvious that Giuliano’s parents, shall we say, encourage him. (You can hear his dad counting reps in a few of the clips.) It’s safe to assume that Mr. Stroe’s parenting skills are questionable at best, and potentially harmful at worst. He lets a toddler dance around to 50 Cent. That’s cool. But at what point does innocent family-room fun turn into forcing a first-grader to do pull-up reps to a 50 Cent soundtrack while being filmed by your parents, who intend to post the footage online?

This sick stunt reminds us of child beauty pageants where stage mothers force their young daughters to parade around in full-makeup and bikini bathing suits. To us, both are a form of child abuse. The question is: Which is worse? Or are they equally egregious forms of exploitation? Take our poll and sound off.