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Young Women Don’t Even Use That Many Beauty Products–I Only Need These 3

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makeup brushesStumbleUpon (a website that finds ways for you to waste your time online) conducted a survey about the skin, hair, and beauty routines of U.S. women*. Despite self-esteem busting pressure, although we are allegedly purchasing more and more beauty products, I guess we aren't really using all that many of them:

In a study of women ages 18-25, 67 percent said they use 0-3 products in their morning hair and beauty routine. In contrast, 20 percent said they use 4-7 products and 10 percent said they use 8-12 products. Only 3 percent of young adult women use 12+ products in the morning.

The older the young women in the survey were, the fewer products they use daily which reminds me of a line from Clueless (1995) about how guys like college girls more than high school girls because they wear less makeup on their faces, but who cares what dudes like anyway? A staggering 72% of 25 year old women use only 0-3 products every morning. Twenty-four percent of 21 year old women use 8-12 products every morning, but that number drops to just 5% for 24 year old women. What happens during those short three years?

At 23-going-on-24, I own more beauty products than ever before, but I use significantly fewer than I did in college. Perhaps I just have less time to faff about in front of a mirror? I've accumulated all these products and makeups, but in a couple years I figured out exactly which ones I really need.

The Huffington Post called the decline in product usage in short term aging a “heartening statistic” and I agree. Though I love grooming and consider it a hobby, it's important that women stop feeling pressured to partake in the ritualized spending frenzy and time-suck of “beauty.” One should not feel the need to wear make up just to be presentable; on the other hand, one should never feel guilty for wanting to wear it. If it makes you feel more comfortable or you enjoy the process, go for it and don't let anyone make you feel like a jerk while you're at it.

Like most people, I don't do the same thing day in and day out, some days I use zero beauty products, unless you count sunscreen and lip balm as beauty products, but some days I use five or six or more. If I had to throw out all of my products save for three, I could totally live with just the following:

1) Tony Moly CC Cream-$17, SPF 30. This product is proof that magic exists–it's pure wizardry. You pump out a pearl sized amount of a white goo and smear it on your face, the goo changes colors to match your skin and suddenly you look way better than you did before.


2)  Fresh Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment– $22.50, SPF15. It smells good, it feels good, it's tinted perfectly (I like the rose tint, but it comes in many colors for whatever you like) and comes in a cool metal tube. No product has ever been so worth it.

sugar rose lip treatment

3) Tarte Gifted Amazonian Clay Mascara– $19. Get long dragon fly lashes without Parabens, Sulfates, Synthetic Fragrances, Synthetic Dyes, Petrochemicals, Phthalates, GMOs, Triclosan. It comes in a cool wooden mascara tube. Fact: this is the preferred mascara of Snow White and all other woodland fairy tale protagonists.

amazonian clay mascara


The CC cream could easily be tinted moisturizer or BB cream–something to even my complexion out for a more polished version of my face, the lip treatment can be swapped out for any tinted, but emollient and hydrating lip salve and everybody has a different mascara of choice.

What beautifying products do you use daily?

Story via Huffington Post//Image via Shutterstock

*I took Huffington Post's word for it considering these numbers because I could not gain access to StumbleUpon's actual survey.