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20 Things Way Worse Than Starbucks Holiday Cups That Angry Christians Should Care About Instead

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Guys, I don't know about you but I'm pretty fed up over this Starbucks Holiday cup debate. If you're new to the situation, get out from under your rock and listen up.

Apparently, some Christians are mad that Starbucks has removed any mention of “Christmas” and any holiday symbols on their red holiday cups. Starbucks promises they were just going for a minimalist look and weren't trying to offend anybody, but honestly, whoever's getting offended needs a hobby.

Nevertheless, people are mad about it. To help them cope and/or realize they are getting mad about something very, very trivial, here are 20 things way more important, and way worse, that angry Christians should care about instead.

  1. The Syrian refugee crisis

  2. Donald Trump is running for president

  3. Global warming

  4. The gender pay gap

  5. The possibility that Russian athletes have been doping (and duping us) for years

  6. Racism is still alive and well at the University of Missouri

  7. Ben Carson might be lying to us

  8. Volkswagen definitely lied to us

  9. Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are dating… publically

  10. Bacon consumption has been linked to cancer

  11. There is still no cure for cancer

  12. Sea World may be ending its live Orca shows, but will continue to keep the animals under captivity

  13. NFL stars are still assaulting their girlfriends

  14. School shootings are not a thing of the past

  15. Black Friday shopping is already trending on Twitter

  16. You can actually be allergic to water

  17. A whole lot of cheese ($4,300 worth) was stolen in France last week

  18. The double-edged sword of living as a woman continues

  19. ISIS
  20. It’s not Friday

Got another thing to add to the list? Leave it in the comments!

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