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You Asked For It: 10 More Cringe-Worthy Rape Fantasy Scenes On Film

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You had lots of things to say about our recent post When No Means Yes: Top 10 Rape Fantasy Scenes on Film and TV, and many of you even offered your own suggestions. So now we’re releasing the sequel: 10 more cringe-worthy rape fantasy scenes on film. As we were in our original post, we want to be very clear: Blisstree does not condone rape. And we didn’t write, direct, produce, or distribute any of these films, either. But that doesn’t mean we can’t comment on them and their societal value – if any exists. Of course rape is wrong and illegal (in most civilized countries, at least), but what about rape fantasy role-playing at home between two consenting adults? (Just something to think about.) And lest you think our cinematic gallery contains torture porn or snuff films, it doesn’t. Instead, several notable – if not esteemed – directors are represented here, including: Victor Fleming, Sam Peckinpah, Quentin Tarantino, John Waters, and Mike Figgis. Of course, they’re all men. And they include rape scenes in these particular movies that may just speak to someone’s (director, character, audience member) idea of a violent fantasy. (This time we’ve included a couple of gay rape scenes, just so our male readers don’t feel left out.) In the end, let’s hope the work of these filmmakers has provoked real, meaningful thought, instead of just revealed these powerful Hollywood players to be tired old male clichés.