Well Being

You Already Know The “good” Items On The Thanksgiving Table: White-meat Turkey, Cranberry Sauce (ideally Not The Gelatinous Kind), Sweet Potatoes (bad Marshmallows!), And Non-bastardized Vegetables (and Not Drowned In Melted Cheese). The Killers – And Yes, In Large Volumes They Are Killers – Include Stuffing (so Good, Yet Soooo Bad), Dark Meat, Turkey Skin, Sweet Potatoes With Marshmallows, And Any Creamed Vegetables Or Those Given The Casserole Treatment. What You May Not Know Is That The Difference Between A Good Plate And A Bad Plate Can Be Enormous. A Good Meal Will Hover Around 400 To 600 Calories – Including Wine And Extras. The Killer? Multiply That Number By Three Or Four.

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