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Easy, Delicious Yogurt Parfait Recipe (No Granola)

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yogurt parfait recipe

Yogurt parfait might sound like a sugar-laden disaster from McDonald's breakfast menu, but if you make your own, you can easily make it a healthy way to start the day. The key? Ditch granola. The breakfast cereal holds its texture nicely in Starbucks yogurt cups and fast food breakfasts, but it's so pumped full of sugar and, often, fat that it makes your yogurt more like dessert.

So long as you can find good yogurt, you can make up your own healthy yogurt parfait recipes year-round, but one of my favorite combinations during the winter uses seasonal citrus fruit. Check out my healthy breakfast recipe below:

Blood Orange and Greek Yogurt Parfait

1 cup Organic plain Greek yogurt (I use Wallaby brand, found at Whole Foods)
1-2 tablespoons chia seeds
1-2 tablespoons cacao nibs
1 whole blood orange, cut into chunks
1 tablespoon honey

1. Stir together chia seeds and greek yogurt; let set while you prep the rest of your ingredients to allow chia seeds to hydrate slightly and become less bitter.

2. Top yogurt and chia seed mixture with cacao nibs, blood orange slices (or other fruit), and honey.


It's that easy. And if blood oranges aren't in season where you leave (or you just don't like them), simply experiment with other fruit combinations. Berries are a great way to add antioxidants and flavor without excess sugar.

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