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Yogachips by Yogavive Update

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I recently reviewed Yogachips by Yogavive, and they got a pretty good score, although I was questioning their ‘natural flavoring'. Oddly, the company got back to me stat about my concerns – rare, but I love that so here's the update.

My concern was that their packaging noted only, “natural flavoring” a vague term at best, and at worst one that green folks are leery of (or should be). The company responded back in record time with this…

“Yogavive’s Apple Chips are made using only natural ingredients. Our Caramel, Peach and Strawberry varieties are what is called, “WONF” – with other natural flavors. These flavors are derived from wholly natural sources and are not chemically synthesized. For example, these natural flavors are made from fruit juices derived from real peaches and real strawberries, or sugar, for the Caramel variety.

These natural flavors are used only to enhance the product’s flavor, and not much different than your favorite fruit juice company mixing water with your fruit juice. Our natural flavors contain natural fruit extracts (WONF), water and minimal amounts of necessary food-grade ethyl alcohol, used as a base.

According to our French flavor supplier, “Flavor obtained through a simple mix of natural flavoring substances, and then natural extracts on alcoholic support, in accordance with EEC 88/388.”

In simpler terms, our flavors do NOT contain synthesized chemicals, only naturally derived components. Essentially, our Peach variety contains peach extracts and the Strawberry variety has strawberry… and so on.”

Also in update news the company just seriously revamped their website making it much easier to find a retailer which was another concern of mine. They even have online retailers posted. Nice.

I'm still not thrilled about the packaging, but I'm popping these up a point since the company got back to me – that almost NEVER happens. If you missed my first review of this healthy snack you can read it now – Yogachips by Yogavive.