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Yoga to the People Offers Showers, Shelter After Hurricane…Instead Of Trying To Make Money Off It

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The New York City-based Yoga To The People has made a generous offering for those living through Hurricane Sandy right now: free hot showers and phone charging. That may not sound like a lot, but ask anyone who is without power for days, and this is a godsend. Too bad not all fitness studios get this though. In fact, some are even so scrappy that they are soliciting business right now.

On Facebook, Yoga To The People wrote:

Know of someone who's stuck in Lower Manhattan without hot water and power? Spread the word… we are opening up the 27th Street studio to those who need a hot shower or to charge their phone! They should bring their phone charger and a towel and come within the 1/2 hour before or after any class (classes at 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 5pm, and 7pm). Remember to care of yourselves, and to help others in this time of need!

How awesome is that? Of course, some of their followers responded with gratitude and thanks:

I loved and respected Yoga to the People before. Now, I think my love and respect has grown a million times over. You guys are awesome!

Wow!! This is so sweet. How generous!

Thank you for the selfless offer!

Meanwhile, other gyms are doing things that don't feel quite so generous and spirited. How many emails or Facebook messages have you received from gyms reminding you to come in and work out? “Get on the treadmill and blow off stress from Hurricane Sandy,” they urge us. Like, in the midst of trying to find shelter, food and water for our families and others, getting in a good workout is a priority? Here's an idea, instead of soliciting business, how about soliciting volunteers, donations and supplies for those in need?

Unfortunately, some organizations just don't get it. Here's one example of how not to run a business during a major catastrophe. Pure Yoga sent out the following email:

Make Pure Yoga your safe haven from Hurricane Sandy. We invite you for three days of open classes from October 28 through October 31. Be sure to call the studio (212) 877-2025 to reserve your spot. Our studios will be open normal business hours today and tomorrow. We urge you to check the class schedules for any cancellations.

Something about that just feels wrong, especially from a yoga studio. Here we are in the midst of one of the worst disasters in history, and all this studio seems to care about is getting customers in the door? No offers for those victims of the storm, no thoughtful messages to the millions suffering its effects, and no acts of kindness or generosity.

Luckily, there are other generous gyms or clubs that are opening their doors to Hurricane Sandy victims:

New York Sports Club — They are also offering free services to the public right now. In a press statement they said:

In an effort to offer the comforts of home to all those who have been affected, the New York Sports Clubs will be opening its doors to all victims for full use of its facilities, whether it's the need for a hot shower, to charge a cell phone battery, or simply to recharge their batteries with a stress-relieving workout.

Washington Sports Club — From today until November 14, Washington Sports Clubs will allow community residents to use their facilities for free, including the use of a hot shower or power to charge electronics, or if they want to get in a workout.

What other acts of generosity have you seen from your local gym or yoga studio?

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