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Sadie Nardini’s Easy Yoga Sequence For When You’re On Your Period

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Earlier today, Sadie Nardini helped us debunk the myth that it's somehow bad to do yoga inversions while you're having your period. Luckily, she's also given us the perfect quick yoga sequence you can do while you're menstruating.

Sadie says:

The following inversions are useful to energize you and help counteract an over-grounded state. Do this sequence, and youʼll likely feel much more refreshed, detoxed and centered…whether Aunt Floʼs in town or not.

Sadie Nardini's Easy Inversion Sequence

Breathe slowly and deeply through your nose for the whole sequence.

Down Dog Splits

PERIOD down-dog-splits

Plant your hands at the front of your mat, fingers wide, middle fingers and wrists facing

Step back toward the back of your mat until heels are slightly off the ground and you
feel balanced in a V shape.

Keep hips squaring down and lift your right leg high.

Draw in your navel and flex through your heels.

Take 5 breaths here or more, then step your right foot forward inside your right thumb.

Core Handstand


Step your back foot in a bit, and plant your palms on the floor out in front of you so you
can prepare for handstand. Or, do this in front of a wall.


NOTE: With Handstand, the key is not to go up so high you lose your alignment. Go low
and slow and chip away at this pose over time. Youʼre still getting an inversion from step
one. (Get more detailed instruction with my Physics of Handstand video)

Maintain those square hips and keep the back leg lifted.


Lift your bottom heel.

Inhale, bend your knees and elbows.

Exhale, press the floor away with foot and hands as you draw your navel strongly in and
give a little baby kick.


Your bottom knee can bend up into your chest for more core power.

When you can hover hips over arms, maintain the navel tone and lengthen your bent
leg up to match the straight one.

Practice Core Handstand for one minute, then move on to:

Lakshmi Kicks

After your Handstand, plant your fingertips on the floor, standing leg is bent.

Bend your lifted leg into your chest.

PERIOD lakshmi-kick-1

Inhale, prepare.

Exhale, kick your top leg back up through the heel and say “HA!”

PERIOD lakshmi-kick-2

Kick away any stress, tension or sluggishness.

Repeat Lakshmi Kicks 5 times on this side, then step back to Down Dog Pose and
begin the sequence from the top, doing Down Dog Splits on your other side.

When youʼre done with the standing sequence on both sides, continue to your last

Supported Shoulderstand


Have a yoga block or large book or stack of pillows handy.

Lie down on your back, knees bent.

Lift your hips and place your bolster solidly under the pelvis.

Plant your hands on the floor near your sides, and lift your bent knees, then legs,
straight up in the air over your hips.

Remain here for 1-3 minutes for a full body relaxing inversion.

All photos courtesy of Sadie Nardini