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Plank: The Yoga Mat With The Best Sense of Humor Ever

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I really like yoga and meditating, and I've even become one of those people who OMs really loudly in my yoga classes. I even own (and read) a couple of books by Thich Nhat Hahn; I'm seeking what some consider majorly cheesy spiritual enlightenment. (I draw the line at incense, though; I can't go around smelling like an ashram, folks.) But I also appreciate a sense of humor, which is why when I spotted Plank's yoga gear, I instantly had to shift around my spending priorities and find a way to cough up $95 for my fifth (yes, fifth) yoga mat. They make an assortment of lovely printed, eco-friendly, all-natural rubber mats, but my favorite one is the one that looks like a bathroom floor scattered with pills. It's kind of dark; it's really funny. It's even better than those Fish's Eddy Pills dishes.

Here's Plank's description of their Pills Luxe Yoga Mat:

From the Art-on-Mat Series: Pills Mat – A cocktail of OTC and prescription meds that can be thrown away, as the healing benefits of a regular practice become a happy replacement… If not, in the meantime, you can medicate & meditate! Our super cheeky design.

If you're afraid of getting judged for your weird sense of humor, you could also check out some of their art-quality printed mats, like the shag carpet or wood-grain printed ones. But if you're really enlightened, you won't care what anyone else thinks; you'll just get a laugh every time you roll out your mat in class.

Anyone want to give me $95?