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Watch: Why We Do Yoga

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Why do you do yoga?

Ask anyone who practices and you’ll seldom get the exact same answer. Every yogi—which I’ve come to understand means “anyone who does yoga,” and doesn’t imply some level of mastery (but I may be wrong?)—has a constellation of reasons for giving it a go.

Me? I’m in it for the twists, core strength, releasing toxins and (sigh) maybe someday gaining a modicum of balance. Others have more spiritual goals; or they want to become more flexible; or lose weight; or all or none of the above.

A new documentary called “Why We Breathe” explores the varied reasons people practice, by asking experienced yogis why they do (and keep doing it). The 50-minute video was conceived of and directed by Jonathan Pears, who previously interviewed skydivers about what compelled them to take the plunge in “Why We Jump.”

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Pears talked to globetrotting yoga teacher and author Kathryn Budig; the athletic, inversion-obsessed teachers from Handstanders.com; skydiving, food blogger yogi Angela Tara Hsu; and others.

“This is the first time that these insights have been brought together in one place, to truly give us all a behind the mind look at people’s motivations for practicing yoga,” says the Why We Breathe website.


{h/t Yoga Journal}