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yo-yo Christmas tree ornaments

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I just left a very pretty Christmas wreath that I made out of yo-yos & ribbon at a local craft store.

Without taking a photo to share with you all!

It's a demo for a class I'm teaching in December & I will get it back…  I just should have remembered before I left the store today 🙂

I do have another Christmasy yo-yo project though:

Christmas tree yo-yo ornament

It's a quick & easy 15 minute ornament.  I've strung 5 small (1″ across) yo-yos together, with a bead in between each yo-yo.   I made a little decorative picot on the bottom with 4 beads stitched into a circle.  The hanger is a piece of ribbon with a bow, stitched into the top yo-yo.

Seriously, 15 minutes for a cute ornament!