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Fitness Friday: YG Studios Is The Answer To New York City’s Overpriced Gyms

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I’ve got to be honest — the boutique fitness scene in New York City has gotten out of control. I mean, paying upwards of $35 for a workout (or hundreds of dollars on monthly memberships) is kind of ridiculous. Especially when you can sweat and smell other people’s BO every single day on the subway for the mere price of $2.75. (Okay, even the metro card price is ridiculous).

That’s the mindset the founder of YG Studios had when coming up with the new, “no frills” concept in fitness. While fresh towels, anti-gravity treadmills and spa-like locker rooms are nice, getting a good workout is really about the fitness routine itself. And the fitness regime — and the motivation to keep up with it — can be boiled down to your instructor.

That’s why YG Studios brings A-list trainers and fitness instructors to a variety of locations throughout the city. No, they’re not gyms — but add a few yoga mats and resistance bands to any loft in Manhattan, and you can get your sweat on, hard. By connecting health and fitness enthusiasts (you and me) with the instructors that can best serve them, YG Studios eliminates the need to go to a boutique studio — thus eliminating the need to pay crazy prices to get a good workout. (Bonus — YG Studio classes cost $20!).

I visited one of the Manhattan locations recently to experience a preview of four different YG instructor’s classes. The mix of yoga, HIIT, dance and bootcamp training left me insanely tired — and sore the next day. With an impressive roster including Ray Wallace, Lauren Williams and Jason Bayus, YG Studios knows how to attract talent.

The model is beneficial for instructors, too. Those just starting out can begin to attract their own clientele, and others who don’t want to conform to the strict limits a gym can impose (like, they can only teach at one studio) have another place to hold their classes.

Though I do many outdoor workouts and fitness regimes on my own, it was amazing to see the quality workout you can get in an open space — without the fancy bells and whistles of traditional fitness studios around the city.

For those looking to take the fuss out of their workout — and experience new, high-quality trainers on the reg — YG Studios is for you.

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