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Yes, Miranda Kerr Does Yoga, But It’s Not Why She’s Modeling 7 Months After Giving Birth

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Miranda Kerr has been getting a lot of attention lately for her knockout post-baby body, and knockout it is: The 28-year-old model is hitting the catwalk only seven months after giving birth to her son, Flynn. I'll admit that headlines about her lightning-quick pregnancy recovery make me a little jealous, but what annoys me most about them is that they're chalking up her Victoria's Secret-friendly physique to yoga. For the record, I'd like to say: I'll put my next paycheck on the fact that yoga isn't the only reason she looks so great.

In a recent interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, Kerr cooked up some tamari-marinated salmon with broccoli for a reporter and spilled about the changes her new family life has brought, including what it's done (or not) to her body:

Was there pressure to get back in shape?

No, you would assume that. I put on 40 pounds (18 kilograms) but I wasn't fazed. I was eating so much and my grandma was like, ”Love, you had better stop eating. You're going to make a big baby and I don't know how you are going to push it out.” I was like, ”Nan, it's fine,” but she was the only one who knew.

How did you do it?

I did yoga during the whole pregnancy but, honestly, I totally gave my body over. I didn't care if I got stretch marks, I didn't care if I didn't get back into shape. My main focus was to have a healthy child and it didn't matter to me if I could model or not. I didn't have any aims to get back in shape. I'm also breastfeeding, which I think helps get everything back into shape but I was really happy because I have my skincare line, I've got my book, I'm happy to be a mum, so I wasn't pressed to get back to work but I thought that if I can balance it, I might as well do a little [modelling] while I can because it's a short-lived job compared to others.

Did you get stretch marks?

No, nothing. I put cream on every morning and night. I used Kora Organic Body Lotion all over my tummy and I got big, so it's a wonder I didn't get stretch marks but my mum doesn't have any, either.

She actually sounds like she has a surprisingly well-adjusted attitude about her weight and how important her body is relative to her new role as a mom, so it's hard to fault her for being anything other than lucky. But plenty of other media outlets have honed in on soundbytes from this interview to create some deceiving ideas about how it is that she looks so great: “Miranda Kerr Hits Catwalk 7 Months After Giving Birth (Thanks to Yoga!),” “Miranda Kerr: Yoga Does A Body Good,” “How Miranda Kerr Got Bikini-Ready“—the list goes on.

I love yoga. It definitely does a body good. And I have no doubt that doing lots of yoga pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy, and after-pregnancy has tons of physical and mental benefits for women. But that's not the only reason that she looks so awesome.

For starters, she has some serious genetic advantages. Let's not forget that she was a supermodel pre-baby, too: Yoga might “elongate” muscles, but it doesn't make you 5'9″ and proportioned like a Victoria's Secret model. And if her comments about stretch marks are any indication, she probably comes from a line of women who've been fairly lucky with their ability to bounce back from pregnancy. (Creams, diet, and exercise aside, not all bodies are created equal, and every woman's pregnancy differs.)

And when asked how she'll prep for her upcoming runway appearance, she told the Herald, “I will just continue to do more squats but I have to be in a swimsuit on Wednesday, which will be the first time since the baby.” Squats. Like many other models, my guess is that she's also putting in some time doing weight-training, cardio, and other exercises to keep her slim. As beneficial as breast feeding might be, taking off baby weight that quickly takes a little extra calorie burn.

I love that celebrities are making more people do yoga: Like I said, I think yoga's great. But let's not kid ourselves, either: It's really hard to look that good, let alone after having a baby, and it requires more than just yoga.