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Restaurant Health Inspection Grades Coming To Yelp

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Restaurant health-inspection grades will soon be available on everyone's favorite where-to-eat website, Yelp. San Francisco will be the first to get the new feature, followed by New York City and Philadelphia in the coming weeks.

In a statement, Yelp announced the new system, which  lets cities upload health inspection data or health grades for local restaurants. It cited a 2005 study in the Journal of Environmental Health that found Los Angeles County's requirement that restaurants display hygiene grade cards on entrances led to a 13% reduction in food sickness hospitalizations as well “improved the overall average score of restaurants in Los Angeles by incentivizing improved best practices.”

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“By making often hard-to-find government information more widely available to innovative companies like Yelp, we can make government more transparent and improve public-health outcomes for our residents through the power of technology,” said San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee. He's pushing other cities to make their restaurant health inspection data available on Yelp, as well.

In San Francisco, restaurants are given a numerical health score of up to 100. In NYC, restaurants are given A, B or C letter grades by health inspectors.