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If You Enjoy Roach-Free Meals, You’ll Love That Yelp Is Working Restaurant Ratings Into Their Reviews Now

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If You Enjoy Roach Free Meals  You ll Love That Yelp Is Working Restaurant Ratings Into Their Reviews Now shutterstock 225001186 640x427 jpg

If you enjoy eating—and man, I sure do—you can appreciate Yelp.

The restaurant food and service review forum has helped me plan many dinners and nights of heavy drinking, in addition to being a solid source of entertainment just for its passionately disgruntled (and sometimes irreverent) reviewers.

Now, the review site is upping the ante on just being a place to publicly air grievances like, ‘the waiter looked at me weird’ or ‘the waitress gave us tap water, THE HORROR!!!!’ by teaming up with Socrata, a social data discovery service, to make restaurant inspection data integrated onto restaurants’ business pages.

That means you will no longer find out after you arrive at your favorite dumpling house that it has just downgraded from a B to a C rating (gross). Instead, Socrata and Yelp hope to make those unpleasantries available online, so you can check before you go.

The small move for Yelp, but big step for public health will, “distribute important restaurant inspection information and help improve public health conditions in communities all over the world.” Socrata hopes to put data from restaurant inspections in the hands of consumers around the world, and, even better, in an easy-to-digest, familiar format.

Currently, finding restaurant inspection information in government databases isn’t so easy. In New York CIty, you can see the restaurant grade in the window (which can be uplifting or upsetting, depending on what it is). However, other cities in the U.S. don’t publish this data in a way consumers can actually understand. With this partnership, the data will be easy to find right on the restaurant’s business page!

That doesn’t mean you still won’t find the occasional lizard in your kale salad. But it’s a step in the right direction, right?

At the very least, Yelp is proving itself useful for more than airing your dirty laundry (er, dirty plates?)! In the past, the New York CIty Health Department combed through Yelp reviews to find unreported cases of foodborne illnesses.

I guess the review site is more helpful than I thought! I give this partnership 4 out of 5 stars. And if I cared enough, I’d even write it a nice review.

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