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It’s A Wrap: 30 Alternative, Eco-Friendly & DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas

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Wine_DSC3126_08Whether you want to go green or just make your gifts stand out under the tree, we've got you covered with these DIY, eco-friendly and alternative gift wrapping ideas, from fabric wrapping paper — known in Japan as furushiki — to recycled sheet music, newspaper and vintage map wrapping.

In the U.S., annual trash from gift-wrap and gift shopping bags totals 4 million tons, and half of the paper America consumes is used to wrap and decorate gifts. And single-use paper gift wrap isn’t just wasteful, it can also get expensive. So look around your house and see what kinds of alternative containers you have, or what kind of fabrics; you might be surprised by how many only linens — scarves, pillow cases, sewing scraps — could have a new life as Christmas wrapping paper. [For more on the benefits — and versatility —  of fabric wrapping paper see this post Hanna did last year.]