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Wrangler ‘Denim Spa’ Jeans Claim To Soften Skin, Reduce Cellulite

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Via Gizmodo, new Wrangler jeans that claim to soften skin with built-in butt-moisturizing lotion.

I don't even really know what to say about that. I can't imagine where they would sell these, even, except for Sky-Mall catalogs and informercial channels, let alone who would buy them. If you feel your rear needs some extra moisturizing, why not just, you know, use some lotion (or oil)? Who thinks, ‘no, it would be a better idea to absorb moisture from some sort of synthetic concoction build into the seat of my pants?

According to Gizmodo, Wrangler's “Denim Spa” line (yep) will be sold on asos.com beginning January 28. The jeans come in aloe vera, olive extract and “smooth legs,” which is said to also reduce cellulite. Wrangler says the built-in lotion lasts for up to 95 wears. No word on what gives these jeans such a power, but I can't imagine it's anything I'd want coming near my skin.