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Worse Than Airbrushing: H&M Uses Fake Bodies For Their Models

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If you thought the cleverly photoshopped bodies on the magazine covers at the check-out aisle were bad, wait until you see this: The bodies on most of the models that clothing retailer, H&M, uses on its website are computer-generated fakes.

That's right. If you look closely at the photo here, what do you see? Four identical bodies with four different heads. The company has admitted that they are “completely virtual” bodies with the heads of real women simply pasted on during editing. Maybe they're doing this to save money on costly photoshoots, but honestly, this just makes us think that they believe real bodies are not good enough to showcase their clothes.

Haven't we had enough of the photoshopped models? Enough of the perfectly shaped butts, perfectly flat abs and perfectly toned arms and legs? Intuitively, we know none of them are completely real, although that often doesn't stop us from comparing our less-than-perfect bodies and feeling bad about ourselves. But now, even worse than a few millimeters shaved off a model's limbs and stomach, we have to compare ourselves to a computer-generated body. Who knows, maybe next time they'll decide that a real face isn't even good enough to use, and we'll be forced to select our attire from robots and paper dolls.


Photo: jezebel.com