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The World’s Heaviest Woman Has Lost Nearly 100 Lbs–By Having Tons Of Sex

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If you've never been one for working out, it can be tough to find an enjoyable way to burn calories and get your heart rate up. But Pauline Potter says she's finally found a fitness plan that works for her–she's already lost nearly 100 pounds on it. Potter, who happens to be the world's heaviest woman, recently told the UK's Closer magazine her weight-loss secret: having oodles upon oodles of sex.

Potter wasn't proud to be crowned the heaviest living woman in the world (but not ever–the heaviest woman ever weighed in at a shocking 1,200 lbs) in 2011; bedridden, unhappy,and unhealthy,  the mom says she was desperate. She told Huffington Post that she reached out to all the resources she knew of–including Dr. Oz and Oprah–and that she just didn't know what to do. Her weight had ballooned out of control after eating way too much and becoming unable to walk, which is a seriously weight loss challenge for many morbidly obese individuals. How can you hit the gym when you can't get out of bed?

Apparently, you turn the bed into the gym.

“I sweat off loads of calories. I call it ‘sexercise,’” she told the magazine.

Potter, who contacted the folks at the Guinness Book as a last resort–she wanted to shame herself into action, which isn't a recommended plan, but if it worked for her, it's hard to condemn–started the “program” just seven months ago, and has already been able to start walking again.

To which I say: good on her. Both for having lots of sex, and making the decision to try to get healthy.

“Marathon sex” may not be an option for everyone who wants to give it a shot as an fitness plan–you kind of need a partner with the time and energy for this kind of “training”?–and it definitely isn't as calorie-intensive as, say, training for an actual marathon. But that doesn't mean that sex is an invalid way to work off a little weight. The average woman can burn close to 150 calories per half hour during a romp in the hay, and, if you're really putting in the effort, you can definitely elevate your heart rate into the aerobic zone. But, just like in the gym, if you don't give it your all, you're not really getting the workout.

Unfortunately, it sounds like Potter, who says she was eating as many as 10,000 calories a day, hasn't really gotten a handle on the other aspect of getting healthy, yet: Nutrition. In the interview, she explains that she still eats Big Macs, but that she'll “choose between fries or nuggets” instead of getting both. Maybe the next step in her sexy, sexy weight loss plan will be a visit with a nutritionist?

Image via Ryan Schude from the Guinness Book.