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If You Thought Your Seamless Order Was Intense, This Delivery For The World Cup Costs Over $7,000

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Curry Delivery By Jet Plane Costs $7,000The FIFA World Cup players are intense: So far, I've seen one guy get kicked in the nose, and another guy running around the “pitch” with a bloody head. The same intensity carries over to the fans, at least when it comes to their food…because 12 colleagues are paying an Indian restaurant £4,200 (roughly $7,151 in US dollars) to get curry prepared and delivered to them in Brazil as they enjoy the games.

Wondering how curry could possibly cost that much?

Well, when you factor in the actual food, then a chartered flight from England to Brazil, then another chartered flight to Shoreham, a parking charge and money from the taxi to the hotel where feasting will inevitably happen, the charges add right up.

That curry is going on a more expensive vacation that I've ever had!

The meals—which include an array of additional sides and eats that we can barely pronounced—will be consumed by a group of Imperial Air Salvage colleagues, by the same restaurant that provided catering on the set of Tom Cruise's The Edge of Tomorrow.

And while I'm not positive anything Tom Cruise has touched should be flying internationally at that price tag, the colleagues, hailing from Bangladesh, believe that the beautiful game just isn't as beautiful without their beloved curry.

Claiming, “There's not a single restaurant in Brazil that does it,” (with “it” being preparing Bengali meals with curry, rice and fish), the director of Imperial Air Salvage who originally called for the $7000 delivery also noted the meal would have been a great “celebratory dish”…if only England had won. Oops.

The World Cup is all about different nations coming together to compete for, and unite under a common sport. Celebrating diversity, and the nation that is hosting the competition is part of that, and I'm fairly positive that trying Brazilian food, you know, while you're in Brazil, wouldn't kill you.

I don't think anything warrants a $7,000 meal, or a delivery by airplane…but these colleagues must have that kind of money to go around. Perhaps all that curry is getting to their heads!

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