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These Workout Pants Might Save You Laundry Money, But Don’t Expect Us To Sit Near You After Spin Class

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Zara Terez debuts sweat, stain, odor-resistant workout pantsPeople spend bundles of money on fashion-forward fitness gear so they can look cute at the gym or on the running track. But if you’re like me and procrastinate doing laundry for, well, forever, it can be weeks before you see your favorite yoga leggings resurface from the bottom of your laundry pile.

Thanks to New York-based designer Zara Terez, showing off your favorite pair of workout pants just got easier. Because her new line of performance cropped leggings wick away sweat, prevent stains and fight odor–making it easier to go from a workout to happy hour without clearing out the bar!

Some outlets are even claiming that by investing in these leggings, you can start skipping the washing machine altogether–even if you’re going to multiple SoulCycle classes per week. And while that sounds amazing for my time management skills and also my depleted quarter collection, I should be clear: I would use your own discretion when it comes to pulling out the laundry detergent.

Sure, the moisture-wicking technology of the performance line keeps your body cooler, dryer and more comfortable as you sweat, while the anti-odor material prevents growth of odor-causing bacteria (like the kind that comes from sweat…ew). The best part? A stain release technology makes it harder to have your day ruined by dumping your post-workout smoothie and/or coffee on your pants, and overall, helps the material last longer.

However, it’s probably safe to say that if you go to a Bikram Yoga class and are literally drenched in sweat and/or sweating from your shins (which, yes, can actually happen) you’ll want to give ‘em the old spin in the machine before getting back into them.

I mean, wouldn’t you?!

If not–to each their own, I guess! Just don’t complain if nobody wants to sit next to you in spin class…or anywhere else.

Retailing at $75 per pair, the pants are perfect for yoga, cycling, barre class, CrossFit, bootcamps, running, watching Netflix and ordering Seamless on your couch…okay, so basically anything. And you’ll want to do basically everything and anything in them, for that price (which is comparable to Lululemon).

The good news? You can, cause they’re odor-sweat-stain resistant, REMEMBER?

They come in four sizes and eight vibrant designs. But perhaps none speak more to us than the Emoji patterned pants, because they’re awesome and we’re pretty sure the poop-with-eyes emoji is included.

Don’t stop washing your clothes altogether, cause that’s just gross. But if you want a pair of durable pants that might be able to skip every other load, try these. Just go heavy on the deodorant!

(Image via Zara Terez)