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Workouts You Can Do Instead Of Body Shaming Yourself After The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

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Every year after the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, the Internet explodes — and not just because Taylor Swift is beautiful, smart, amazing and funny. (I’ll just go the full disclosure route and say I have a girl crush on her to get it over with).

And every year, I see something super unsettling before, during and after the show—self-deprecating memes like this:

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Or, this:

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Or, even this:

So you agree, you think you’re really pretty? #victoriassecretfashionshow

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Okay…the last one isn’t so bad. But the fact of the matter is, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show broadcasts idealistic and unattainable body images across the globe. For some, it’s something they can shake off, or not give a second thought. But for others, it can be intimidating, or annoying, or just downright obnoxious.

This year, I’m challenging you to stop body shaming yourself, and start getting stronger instead. Sure, you may never have huge boobs, or abs like some of the Victoria’s Secret ‘angels.’ But you can be strong and proud of your body.

To help with this initiative, CrunchLive.com has put together a special “Get Runway Ready” playlist inspired by the ‘angels’ themselves. The playlist consists of five 30-minute workouts that focus on sculpting abs, toning your legs and lifting your booty. Crunch trainers recommend doing one workout per day, for five days. I suggest taking a rest day, then repeating the cycle! CrunchLive.com has a free, three-day trial, and here are the five workouts you can expect (with tips from their trainers).

1. Belly, Butt and Thigh Bootcamp with Michelle Opperman: This workout focuses on strengthening your lower half—especially your core. Opperman suggests doing this workout entirely with just your bodyweight, then adding resistance bands or weights to increase intensity.

2. Brazilian Burn n’ Firm Pilates with Michele Bastos: Get ready to do some plié squat and get really low, Bastos warns. Your butt, legs and thighs will be burning by the end of this workout—but you’ll be working your way toward a sculpted runway bum just like Adriana Lima’s.

3. Rear Attitude with Deborah Sweets:It’s all about the bass in this workout! Sweets advises on engaging your glutes as you move through the booty-licious movements.

4. Stiletto Strength with Carol Johnson: You’ll need your high heels for this one! Johnson suggests breaking out fun, colorful shoes with lift to sculpt sexy legs and glutes.

5: Fat Burning Pilates with Michelle Williams: During this video, Williams advises to be very aware of your posture: roll your shoulders back and down, keep your abs tight, and your tailbone pointing down.  If your posture is correct, you’re going to target the right muscles!

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