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Work In Gender-Opposite Job, Get Criticized More Often

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Check out this post about gender-opposite jobs by Emerald Catron on MyDaily.

If your job as a lady fire chief seems harder than you expected (and you’ve seen “Backdraft” like 40 times), it’s not all in your mind. Research shows that people who have jobs associated with their opposite gender are often judged more harshly for their mistakes.

The Yale University study chose two high status positions typically associated with only one gender — police chief and president of a women’s college. 200 participants were then given text examples of people of both genders in the jobs making a similar mistake (the police chief not sending enough cops to something, and the president not sending enough campus security to something else) and consistently the men with the “woman’s job” and the woman who was doing “man’s work” were both judged harshly for making a mistake.

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