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Stop Complaining About Your Money Problems, Because This Mom Has Resorted To Selling Her Breast Milk

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What’s the worst thing you’ve done to make money? I worked a front desk job at a gym for a few months to pick up an extra paycheck. My shifts? Friday nights and Sunday mornings. I can still smell the dank locker room (and my decaying social life, which died briefly).

However, whatever your job was–raking leaves, babysitting, taking your cousin to the prom–it probably doesn’t hold a candle to what Rebecca Hudson is doing…which is selling her breast milk.

Yep, that breast milk.

The cash-strapped mother-of-four says she’s planning to fund her Christmas shopping with the sales. And since she’s made almost $6,000 by selling her breast milk so far, I’d say she’s well on her way to a ‘happy holiday.’

I don’t know whether to be appalled or impressed. But hey: if you’ve got it, flaunt it. And Hudson has got breast milk.

How does one go about selling their breast milk, you ask? The “entrepreneurial” mom came up with the idea after realizing that she was producing more milk than her youngest child really needed. By selling her milk for just under $20 for a 5oz bottle, she has started making a small fortune and has even attracted a group of eight reliable clients.

But what do these people do with the breast milk, you ask? Well, some drink it. Yes, really (it tastes like…well, read this). Apparently it has a boatload of health benefits and is useful for athletic recovery (one of Hudson’s clients is a body builder). Other uses include weird, sexual ones. One of Hudson’s clients attains her milk for ‘sexual purposes,’ but the Manchester mother doesn’t judge.


It’s an unusual business, that’s for sure, and not one I can see myself ever partaking in. But it’s a unique way to avoid waste. If nothing else, I bet Hudson’s kids will have some fabulous Christmas presents this year!

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