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Meet The Woman Who Eats $200 Worth Of Makeup A Week

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Here is Brittoni sampling makeup in a store (for flavor).

I don't have a television right now which is a bummer because all I want to do is watch TLC's trashy and exploitive programming like My Strange Addiction so I can learn about individuals with unusual habits, like eating makeup.

Just the other day they introduced us to the old lady who gives herself sperm facials and today we are meeting Brittoni from Toledo, a woman who eats makeup. 

A lot of people would say they are “addicted” to makeup, but they mean they really love wearing it on their faces to hide blemishes and enhance their features. Brittoni is addicted to consuming it like food. Apparently she goes through 15 to 20 compacts on any given day, costng her about $200 a week.

“I cannot live without eating make-up. You can imagine it just coating your insides with whatever colour you're eating. It's just like craving your favourite candy bar.”

Since her habit began when she was five years old, the 22-year-old has apparently developed quite the palate for cosmetics. She notices flavor differences and has preferences based on brand and color. Her favorites are light brown, white and grey metallic eyeshadows; to Brittoni “[l]ight colors usually taste a lot cleaner than darker colors.”

Brittoni is aware of how strange her makeup eating habit is, so she hides it from her loved ones. 

“I keep my addiction to make-up hidden because I'd rather not go through the hassle of explaining it to people.”

But how can you hide that much makeup? She has her ways. Like many addicts, she's become an expert at concealing her problem-substance.

“I hide make-up everywhere around my house…under the couches, in the flower vases, the freezer… My hair is long so I like to use it to conceal the make-up I would like to bring.”

Eating makeup isn't an innocent little quirk. Not only is her dependence troubling, but the ingredients in makeup are not healthy. Brittoni has had a heart condition since she was a pre-teen:

“I try not to think about the impact the make-up is having on my heart. I see the chemicals in the make-up and I don't know what they are.”

Those ingredients are things like Talc aka hydrous magnesium silicate, mineral oil, and the stuff they use to pigment paints.

Eating cosmetics and non-foods is clearly a dangerous habit that I'm guessing is born of emotional trauma. Let's hope Brittoni gets help for her addiction to makeup before anything really terrible happens to her physically. Until then we can read about her online and watch her on TLC's program My Strange Addiction. 

via The Daily Mail//Image Screenshot from TLC