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Wisconsin Likely To Pass Unnecessary-Ultrasound Requirement For Women Seeking Abortions

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With election season either far behind or far in front of us, depending on how you look at it, there’s been a lull in the kind of political grandstanding that spawns abortion-ephemera bills. No more! Wisconsin Republicans have pushed themselves into the news cycle this week by pushing a mandatory-ultrasound bill for residents seeking an abortion.

The bill—approved by Senate Republicans in a drama-filled statehouse Wednesday morning—now heads to the state Assembly, which is also expected to pass it. If so, it then goes to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who has said he would sign it into law.

Sigh … same shit, different state. There’s nothing novel about the Wisconsin ultrasound bill, just the old agency-denying nonsense about how pregnant women don’t actually understand the reality of their condition until—squeee! look at that blurry baby on the screen!

Like others, the Wisconsin bill would require any women seeking an abortion to receive an ultrasound first, though there is no medical reason for doing so. Republicans like Sen. Mary Lazich, however, think its morally necessary so that women have “more information” on which to base their pregnancy termination decision.

Now I don’t know about you, but I have never met a pregnant woman who was conceptually unaware of the contents of her womb. I’m gonna give the good ladies of Wisconsin the benefit of the doubt and assume they, too, understand how pregnancy works—even the ones seeking abortions.

To merely offer these women the option of ultrasound would be different, and totally understandable. But to require it smacks of bullying, plain and simple.

“I, we, stand with women for health care,” Lazic said.

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