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Winterproof Your Skin Naturally

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Winter can be beautiful but the cold dry air along with traditional beauty and body care products can cause total skin havoc. Luckily, natural goods and some common sense can help keep skin supple and soft even during the harshest winter months. Following are some tips…

winter skin care

Avoid harsh astringents and toners: Both astringents and toners can contain high amounts of alcohol. Alcohol is drying, so on top of winter (with naturally drying air) your skin can suffer.  Instead of conventional toners try a non-alcohol based homemade facial toner, buy a non-alcohol toner, or simply wash your face with a gentle non-drying organic or natural soap once a day.

Scrub naturally: To sooth dry skin and get a silky smooth feel try a facial scrub made with simple ground oatmeal and strawberries – which will exfoliate without drying your skin if you don't want to grind oats in your blender try my favorite natural facial grains from Manor Hall. For your entire body try making a super awesome homemade organic sugar scrub or for an easy fix try Mango Body Scrub.

Ease winter lips: Lips are easily chapped during the winter. To avoid this take a dab of honey and a dab of white table sugar and gently use this to exfoliate your lips a few times a week. When you head outside make sure you slather on a good eco-friendly lip balm.

Get some moisture: Long baths and showers zap skin moisture, so avoid both. Keep a humidifier running in your bedroom at night – but keep it clean or it'll breed mold and other icky stuff. Most of all, drink plenty of good ol' H20. In the winter our water intake can go down, but that's a great way to dry out your skin. Keep your reusable water bottle handy at all times. As for added moisture, use a thick cream vs. a lotion. There's more moisture content in a cream vs. squirt-ready moisturizer. I like Yes To Carrots Deliciously Rich Body Butter, which includes Shea Butter, vitamins A and E, and zero parabens.

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