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Ranking Winter Sports From Bad To Worst (They’re All Horrible)

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Ranking Winter Sports From Bad To Worst  They re All Horrible  winter sports 640x426 jpgIt would be impossible for me to go over all winter sports because so many of them are the same fucking sport with slight variants on the rules or equipment used, so I chose ten snowy offenders. Before we start, keep in mind that every activity we ranked is horrible, some are just slightly less than others.

I grew up in balmy Los Angeles where ice skating was a novelty and you have to you have to drive up a mountain just to see snow that isn’t manmade for rich kid birthday parties and movie sets. Though I knew many people who would travel to skiing destinations and whatnot, it never really was my thing or something I had any interest in whatsoever. Now that I live in a snowier climate, I don’t mind the cold or the weather and I’ve even enjoyed snowman building sessions and snow ball fights here and there, but for the most part, I’m trying to stay in from the cold. Winter sports typically mean willingly enduring extra cold weather for extended periods of time. No thanks. I don’t even want to watch them on television, something I shouldn’t have to explain because everyone knows that the Winter Olympics are inferior to the Summer games.

Here are 10 winter sports ranked from bad to worst…

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