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Winter Garden To-Do List~ February

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It’s so hard to believe that it’s almost February already! The month of January has flown by for me this year. Which is a good thing in a way, since I’m not a fan of winter!

The other day I shared a gardening to do list for January, today I have a list of things you should do in the garden for February.

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You didn’t think gardeners got to sit by the fire, read their gardening catalogs and eat bon bons all winter did you? Hah! You still need to do a few gardening chores, even when there might be snow on the ground.

Here is a gardening to do list for February from Stihl and P Allen Smith.

  • As weather permits, cut back liriope ground cover and ornamental grasses before new growth begins. Liriope can be cut back with a line trimmer, such as a low-emission STIHL FS 56 RC-E featuring the STIHL Easy2Start™ system. Use sharp shears for ornamental grasses.
  • Don’t fret over emerging spring flowering bulbs such as tulips and daffodils. The foliage contains an “antifreeze” that will protect the plants from cold. If the plant blooms, cut the flowers to enjoy indoors before freezing temperatures return.
  • Avoid heavy traffic on the dormant lawn. Dry grass is easily broken, and the crown of the plant may be severely damaged or killed.
  • Branches of forsythia, pussy willow, quince, spirea, and dogwood can be forced for indoor bloom. Make long, slanted cuts when collecting the branches and place the stems in a vase of water. Change the water every four days. They should bloom in about three weeks.
  • Late winter is the time to prune many deciduous trees. Look over your plants now and remove dead, dying, or unsightly parts of the tree, sprouts growing at or near the base of the tree trunk and crossed branches.

More tips & information on the best products for each job can be found at pallensmith.com and stihlusa.com.

Image (c) Linette Gerlach