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Winter Bachelorette Party Ideas~ Night In

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It's a little more challenging to plan a bachelorette party in the winter, especially if you live in the northern regions. The weather may not cooperate with a night on the town, and your guests may not want to hop in and out of the car to head out around town.
bachelorette party
Why not plan a girls night in for your bachelorette party, and bring the party to you. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • Have a pamper party and hire a masseuse to come in and give everyone a massage, or a beautician to do nails.
  • Serve one of these yummy chocolate cocktails to help warm your guests on the inside.
  • Keep the food simple with some finger food or appetizers. Ask each guest to bring their favorite or make them yourself if you're the hostess.
  • Make it an overnight slumber party or better yet rent a hotel room at a resort with some entertainment.

Getting all your friends together to talk and have a good time, can be fun all by itself, so don't make it too complicated.

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