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Winners Announced In Blogtober Fest Giveaways At Quilting & Patchwork

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Blogtober Fest Winners

Winners Announced in Blogtober Fest Giveaways at Quilting   Patchwork alloy default image jpgWe’ve reached the end of Blogtober Fest and I’ve heard from the Quilting and Patchwork winners with their addresses.  Thank you, everyone, for participating and leaving comments.  It was very enjoyable to read your comments and to know I’d inspired many of you as well as stimulating memories.

10/7 Giveaway – Carla is the winner and received a Huru Humi Gift Pack consisting or a Huru Humi, a t-shirt and stickers.  This is a product line that helps children develop communication, self-expression and social skills.

In mentioning quilting, Carla said, I have never owned a quilt.  I would love to.

10/10 Giveaway – Loralie won Creativity Express, the award winning educational software for kids 7 and up.

She shared, My grandmother taught me to quilt.  When I was in college she would quilt during the day.  I would quilt into the late night.

Congratulations Carla and Loralie!