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Wine Makes You Sneeze And Your Toothbrush Was Trash: Morning News Roundup

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Get Your Drink On — Scientists are finally on their way to developing low-allergenic wines. Glad this is a priority. (via Science Daily)

Hurt So Good — Eating a nutrient-rich diet makes hunger less unpleasant while trying to lose weight. (via Nutrition Journal)

Trash to Toothbrush — Preserve, the eco-friendly product manufacturer, has collected 50 tons of plastic this year through the Gimme 5 recycling program. (via Green Biz)

Pardon Me? Our brains are hard wired to pay more attention to people without unfamiliar accents. (via NPR)

Strange Connection — Women who suffer from anorexia are twice as likely to have an unplanned pregnancy. (via Women’s Health Watch)