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Stop Whatever You’re Drinking, Because Wine-Infused Coffee Is A Thing Now

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wine-infused coffee

There are two things in life I absolutely can’t function without. And those two things are wine and coffee.

Coffee gets me out of bed in the morning. It says, “Hey, it’s okay. Today won’t be so bad. Just hold me.” Knowing that I have a cup (or, let’s be real — three or four cups) to look forward to as I silently scour at everyone during my commute is overwhelmingly comforting.

Then, there’s wine. Wine is there at the end of the day (or hey, sometimes mid-day) to let us know there is some kind of reward for whatever we just went through. Wine says, “You got through the day. You did a good job. You earned this.”

That’s why when I saw that wine-infused coffee exists, I thanked my lucky stars, called my mom, and started writing this blog post about it.

Merlot-infused coffee combines red wine and coffee to make all of your hopes, dreams and wishes come true. Coffee beans are aged in oak wine barrels to pick up the merlot flavor. The result? A medium-dark roast coffee with hints of blackberry and currants. AKA, deliciousness. Bliss.
Want to try it for yourself? I know you do. You can purchase it here.