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Win 1 of 2 copies of The Woven Bag book

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Guess what?

photo by Noreen Crone-Findlay copyright

Today, I talked to a very neat person

at my publisher's (F&W Media, the parent

company of Krause Books),

and asked her if I could run a contest

to give away a copy of

my scrumptious new book:

Link to order The Woven Bag

and she said,  ‘Yes!'


I love my readers

so much that I am

delighted that F&W

has agreed to give

not just  ONE  copy  but  TWO !

So,  T W O of my beloved readers will each be blessed with a copy of  ‘The Woven Bag'.

Let me tell you a bit about the book:  There are 35 or so bags in ‘The Woven Bag' , and they are all woven on small looms.

Just because the looms are small doesn't mean that the bags have to be, though….  the bags range in size from tiny to substantial.

The projects are all portable, and affordable and range in difficulty from totally simple to challenging.

The looms used in the book are all very affordable- in fact, there's even a no cost loom.  😀

By the way,  in answer to a couple of questions that people ask frequently:

Yes, I designed all the bags in the book, and yes, I wove them all myself.

So, how do you win a copy of ‘The Woven Bag'?


Leave a comment, telling me why you want to win the book.

But, my friends…. Just saying ‘enter me in the contest' ain't gonna win you a copy of the book! Nope.

LOL! I worked my chops off on it, so you need to rise up on this one… make me smile, make me cry, make me WANT to give you the book!

How long do you have to enter the contest?

I am desperately in need of some Springtime, so I am going to brighten my days with this contest and run it until March 20.

After all, that's when springtime officially dusts the snow off it's shoulders and hunkers in for some yummy sunny days and warm lusciousness, right? Well, maybe…. springtime can be fickle, but I won't be.

Remember… T W O Hankering for Yarn readers are going to be weaving themselves some happiness, so please join in….

it might be YOU!   🙂

Oh… I was just asked another very good question, and that is: Where can you buy ‘The Woven Bag'?

Here's a link to Craftivity: Order, but you can also order it from many online weaving shops, and from all  book vendors, or ask your local bookstore to bring in a copy for you.