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Why Won’t My Boyfriend Marry Me?

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Have you ever seen a couple that has been together a very long time, and yet they still haven't gotten married? I'm not talking about people that choose not to be married, rather, I'm talking about two people who meet when they are younger, date for years, have one partner that really wants to get married, but the other doesn't. I know of a couple that has been dating over ten years and the girl is still looking for a ring. Will she ever get one? Probably not.


In my experience there are some common reasons why a guy dates a girl for years but doesn't want to marry her. These are:

  • He doesn't want to get married to anyone. Period. If this is the case, hopefully he's made this clear to his woman.
  • He doesn't want to marry this particular woman. Sounds silly, but it's true. A guy may stay with a girl simply because it's convenient.
  • He's waiting until the woman gets out of debt, gets thinner, has a better job, etc. In other words, he's waiting for a better version of the woman. This is another reason guys like this will never propose to someone, because they want an ideal that doesn't exist. No matter what the woman does, it will never be enough.
  • He's waiting until he improves. On some occasions, a guy wants to get a better job, get through school, get a better position in life, before asking a girl to marry him. While this usually doesn't take years, it could be one reason why the guy is waiting to pop the question.

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