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Why Wedding Photos Are Important, Pt. 7

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Finding color on a black and white photo plus putting the wedding gown on the spotlight . I know I mentioned how wedding gowns with colored sashes became popular sometime ago, a black and white photo won’t really flatter this sort of design.

But I found out that it’s not totally impossible. Photographers can actually still make the color pop out of a black and white photo. They call it color separation, I think.

Why Wedding Photos are Important  Pt  7 wedding gown jpg

Image: Flickr - tiffanykrumpack

This certainly makes a more interesting photo. Not only does it offer a very artistic angle to a wedding photo, it also highlights the design of wedding gown the bride. You’ve spent a considerable amount of time (and money for sure!) on your wedding dress so I think it’s only fair that you take a few snaps that especially shows off the output of all your efforts.

A photo of the dress on the bed or on the mannequin simple isn’t enough. It’s always best if the photo shows off the wedding dress worn by the very bride who it’s made for!