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Why Not To Eat A Klondike: Adam Corolla’s Everyman Challenge Videos

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Why Not to Eat a Klondike  Adam Corolla s Everyman Challenge Videos averagewoman jpg

Klondike bars are total diet-busters, but if that wasn’t reason enough to keep us from eating the chocolate-covered hunks of ice cream, Adam Corolla just gave us another. The Klondike Everyman Challenges ad campaign features Corolla’s “funny” videos, presenting challenges like his “Pack The Car” video contest (video below). The male-targeted ad features a ditzy, blond, stereotypical trophy wife looking like a moron while Corolla explains that “women think the amount of stuff you can pack into a car is limited by the size of a car,” while “men know [how to] bend the laws of physics using sheer will.” Maybe they’ll win over the “everyman,” but they seem to have given up on the everywoman. We’ll bust our diets with a different brand of fattening ice cream, thank-you-very-much.