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Bill Clinton’s Reason For Going Vegan Will Surprisingly Warm Your Heart

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The reason for Bill Clinton's diet is going to make you saw “awww.”

People decide to take on a vegan diet for a variety of reasons; some do it because they're against factory farming and the exploitation of animals, some do it to lose weight, some do it because they're grossed out by animal byproducts, some do it for a combination of reasons, but former President of the United State, Bill Clinton does it because he's a big cutie pie full of love.

Physician consultant to Bill Clinton and advisor to Hillary Clinton for over two decades Dr. Dean Ornish revealed to The Huffington Post that the ex-POTUS adopted a plant-based diet about five or six years ago in order to extend his lifespan. Dr. Ornish what Clinton said when he asked why he wanted to take on a vegan diet:

“he said, “I want to live long enough to walk my daughter down the aisle and to see my grandkids born and grow up,””

Awww. That's adorable. Bill Clinton has always been quite the charmer. It's kind of his thing.

Dr. Ornish's revelations aren't the first we've heard about Clinton's major change in food choices. He used to be mocked for his love of McDonald's, but after a 30 pound weight loss prior to his vegan daughter's wedding, Clinton himself discussed his new eating habits with AARP The Magazine

“I've stopped eating meat, cheese, milk, even fish…No dairy at all.”

Boom. Plant-based.

“I just decided that I was the high-risk person, and I didn't want to fool with this anymore. And I wanted to live to be a grandfather. So I decided to pick the diet that I thought would maximize my chances of long term survival.”

There I go saying “awww” again at the thought of the President I grew up with wanting to be a grandpappy. The former first-daughter is expecting a baby later this year, so unless there's a serious tragedy, it looks like he really is going to live to see a grandchild.

Though many people have a harder time giving up meat when turning plant-based, Clinton had a harder time on the animal byproduct end of the spectrum,

“The main thing that was hard for me actually… was giving up yogurt and hard cheese. I love that stuff.”

I love yogurt and cheese too. Mr. Clinton and I are so alike.

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