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Who’s Afraid Of Your Vagina? Dartmouth, Apparently

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Yes.  Feel-good reminders about grabbing your favorite hand mirror and spending some quality time with your vagina are certainly tired. But with the recent noise surrounding a simple act of body awareness on Dartmouth’s campus, you’d think the idea was radically offensive. On October 18, Mayuka Kowaguchi handed out mirrors to female students complete with notes on how to examine their lady parts. Kowaguchi was handing out the mirrors as a part of her training for an on-campus sexual advisory group.

According to Jezebel, some people on campus “viewed the project as patronizing, others an in-your-face show of sexual profligacy.” Trust us. You don’t have to know what your vagina looks like to know how to use it. Grace D’Arcy, a journalist at The Dartmouth, implied that Kowaguchi’s actions were an attack on students of faith on campus because they encouraged sexuality.

Haven’t these women ever read a Judy Blume book? We’ve been getting PSAs in one form or another to investigate the land down under for decades — apparently, some women on Dartmouth’s campus missed that junior high health class. And no one is forcing them to use the mirror for its intended purpose.  If you’re not into checking yourself out, fine. At least you got a new compact out of it.

via Jezebel