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Who Am I And Why This Jewelry & Beading Blog?

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My name is Tammy Powley, and I’m a writer and designer. Though I specialize in jewelry making and beadwork, I’m a major craft-o-holic and have been all my life. I can’t think of too many crafts I haven’t at least tried, but for some reason, jewelry making took over my life. It combines many of my passions: gemstones, crystals, wire, glass, and metal. I also have a thing in general about accessories. If I didn’t live in South Florida where it’s usually pretty darn hot, I’d probably just wear black all the time in order to show off my cool jewelry, shoes, and hand bags better.

I also love to write. At age seven, there were two things I wanted to be: a ballerina and a writer. Believe it or not, I actually was a ballerina doll for Disney for a few months, so I guess that can count. As far as writing, I worked for years as a technical writer in the defense industry. That seems like a good distance from where I am now, but actually, it was excellent experience. I learned a great deal about the “craft” of writing, and it also taught me to be super deadline oriented. But, like most people in technical fields, I felt creatively stifled. Though I didn’t plan this journey, one thing lead to another, and eventually I found myself writing about jewelry making for About.com. This brought on other writing opportunities for me such as writing articles for trade magazines and eventually writing and consulting on a few books.

I already blog on my About.com Jewelry Making site, so why do it here too? I guess my answer is that over there, I pretty much have a job to do, and while it’s the best job I’ve ever had in the world (it’s been a labor of love for almost seven years now), I don’t feel like I can be as personal as I’d like to be. Here I’d like to be a little more creative, a little more out there. I still plan to provide lots of helpful information for fellow beaders and jewelry makers, but I’ll do it a little differently here.

I’ve got a lot of ideas rambling through my brain about what I want to do here but none of it is set in cement as yet. So, here’s a personal invitation from me to you to come back and see what happens as you share my passion for jewelry making and beading.