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White Chocolate Covered Cherry Snowmen

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Tillen Farms sent me a couple jars of their Merry Maraschino Cherries to try out. I have to say I ate several of them straight up, and they're delicious.

The other day I decided I was going to dip a few of them in chocolate and make some little chocolate covered cherry snowmen just for fun. They turned out really cute so I thought I'd share them here. Here are a few of them posing for their glamor shot.

snowmen chocolate covered cherries 3

Here's how I made them:

White Chocolate Covered Cherry Snowmen

  • Merry Maraschino Cherries (removed from juice and patted dry
  • White melting chocolate melted according to package directions
  • A little orange melting chocolate melted to package directions for the nose
  • Brown or black melting chocolate for the eyes and charcoal mouth

Hold the cherries by the stem and dip them into the melted white chocolate until they are completely coated. Lay the chocolate covered cherry on wax paper to cool and dry.

snowman chocolate covered cherries

Once the chocolate is solid, melt a little brown chocolate and use a toothpick to dot on eyes, and a charcoal mouth. Use another toothpick to put a drop or two of orange chocolate for a nose.

These are a very simple but fun winter treat you can add to your holiday dessert table.

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Image (c) L Gerlach