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Which Kind Of Jewelry To Start Making?

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Usually, a beginner’s first hurdle in learning to make jewelry is figuring out where to begin. The good thing and the bad thing about this craft is that there are a zillion different techniques and directions to go in, so it hard to decided which type of jewelry to learn how to make first. As I’ve already said in my previous blog post, I stumbled into this. I had no clear plan of action. But if I knew then what I know now, I’d probably do about the same thing.

First, I suggest starting with basic bead stringing. This doesn’t require a ton of supplies or materials, and you only need to learn a few basic finishing techniques and you can make basic designs relatively quickly.

Once you feel comfortable stringing, then I’d move onto mastering some wire techniques because you can combine these with stringing. You can make ear hooks, clasps, all kind of little components to combine with your beads.

So, yup, I’d say start with these two types of jewelry making first. Both will allow you to create all kinds of different designs, and with some practice you can just about teach yourself. Of course, you can also find a lot of free information on the Internet, like my site at About.com, and there are also a lot of books available, including three of my own:
Making Designer Gemstone and Pearl JewelryMaking Designer Bead and Wire Jewelry and Making Designer Seed Bead, Stone, and Crystal Jewelry.
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Of course, I think my books are great, but I always suggest people go hang out at your local bookstore and look through what they’ve got if you aren’t sure about what to buy to get started. That way, you can look through a book really well before you buy it and see if you think it’s got what you need and explains things so you can understand it.