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Rice, Bulgur, Couscous, And Quinoa: Which Grain Gets The Healthiest Grade?

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which grain is healthiest

There's been a lot of talk about lesser-known supergrains lately, like farro and freekeh. But it's got me wondering about the more traditional ones–you know, the ones you can get in almost any bulk section. If you live somewhere where your choices are limited to, say, rice and couscous, how do you pick? Which grain is healthiest?

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Of course, “healthiest” is a pretty broad term, so let's define it. Pretty much all grains are, by definition, either low in fat or fat-free–but which delivers the most protein, the most fiber, the most nutrients? Which are OK for folks with gluten sensitivities? Which have the fewest carbohydrates? The fewest calories?

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Let's take a look.