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5 Times When You Should Consult A Doctor Instead Of The Internet

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Recently, we heard of a woman who exercised terribly poor judgment when her son sustained a gunshot wound. Instead of taking the 14-year old immediately to the hospital, his mother instead consulted WebMD’s gunshot wound entries. Over 7 hours later, she finally brought him to a medical center for treatment.

Presumably, this woman was fearful and embarrassed about the accident leading to the shooting, and not just plain evil or stupid? But whether you like or not, there are going to be some times when you should go to the doctor no matter what—all fear, embarrassment, convenience and expense aside.

Here at Blisstree, we care about the health even of people with questionable judgment. So consider this our PSA to the medical over-Googlers of the world: If you've reached this page for any of the following reasons, we strongly encourage you to proceed immediately to the clinic or hospital for professional medical attention.