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When To Dig Deep…

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As widows and widowers we know the pain of grief, we know those days, those weeks when there is not one sign of hope..when you struggle to get up, to smile….even to breathe.

I understand because after a few emotional weeks I am suffering now from that depth of despair. But I know that to get through this is the right thing, giving up or even giving in to the grief….that is no answer for those around me.

If you are reading this feeling not only down, but feeling as though you are totally broken…then I want you to remember two words

Dig deep

For me that means shutting down completely from the world…..avoiding the phone, avoiding the people until I have some kind of strength back inside of me. I know, actually I believe in me, for all the despair I believe that I will find that way of thinking that will see me through the tunnel of depression.

At some point you have to force yourself back into the world….you will know when, I know that I do. It is not that I want to go out during this time, it is recognising that point when I must go out.

I remember something Dad taught me

“To find hidden treasure you need to dig deep….that treasure lies inside of all of us”

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