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When No Means Yes: Top 10 Rape Fantasy Scenes on Film and TV

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We don't like rape. Rape sucks. Rape is wrong. Rape is bad. Rape is against the law (in most countries, anyway). Still, a fair number of film and TV characters really seem to ask for it a lot. (Or maybe it's that most film and TV directors are men. Wait a minute…) Obviously, these disturbing scenes exist for a reason, but what? To provoke thought, to promote dialogue, to teach, to titillate? Are these alleged rape “fantasies” supposed to be the character's, the director's – or ours? How the hell should we know? Blisstree didn't get a Ph.D. in cinema studies. Instead, we present our controversial gallery of the top 10 rape fantasy scenes on film and TV. (Tell us if we missed any – you sickos.) And check out our follow-up gallery post: You Asked For It: 10 More Cringe-Worthy Rape Fantasy Scenes on Film.